Block Out Primer

This is a quick-drying, sealer and primer that’s strong enough to cover up difficult stains and odours. It works over most stains, including water, tannin, smoke, rust, ink, nicotine and coffee. Dry time is 30 minutes and you can paint over it in two hours. Its base is a mix of alkyd and a modified synthetic called styrene acrylate, which is popular in the automotive industry for its great weather resistance.
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Price: $66.08
Product Information

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  • Features:
  • • - Seals in difficult stains
    • - Quick drying
    • - Recoat in 2 hours
    • - Cure time: 7-10 days
    • - Covers up smoke damage
    • - Top coat with alkyd or latex paints of any sheen
    • - Resin type/Base: Alkyd/Styrene Acrylic
    • - Cleanup: Clean tools with mineral spirits immediately after use
    • - VOC level: 343.0
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