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Benjamin Moore White Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. The color white is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White is considered to be the purest and complete color. Some refer to it as being a color of perfection. In color psychology, the color represents completion, wholeness, innocence and purity. It stands for wiping the slate clean and creating new beginnings. White is a blank canvas, a fresh start. While not extremely stimulating to the senses, white paves the way for the mind to bring thoughts and creations to fruition. White is made up by combining equal colors of the color spectrum. It showcases the negative and positive sides of all colors. Equality is at the core of white; signifying independence, neutrality, impartiality and fairness. Newborn babies are said to come into this world with a perfect balance of white. This fresh start allows them to balance and imprint their lives with all colors of the spectrum throughout their lives, experiences and choices. Completely reflective, white generates creativity, growth and awakening. It is impossible to hide behind white as it amplifies all that stands in front of it. This is why photographers often rely on a white backdrop. White signifies purity and cleanliness. It is the color of choice for western brides. The sterile nature of this shade is reflected by doctors wearing white jackets. White signifies encouragement and protection. It offers a sense of calm, peace, hope and comfort. White is commonly relied on for alleviating emotional upsets. It generates a sense of efficiency and order. White is excellent to help with decluttering your life and surroundings. White generates an inner purification of your emotions, thoughts and overall spirit. It is known for bringing energy and refreshment into our system. There are many ways to strengthen and refresh your surroundings with white. Even though there are not many downsides to choosing white, having too much can create a cold atmosphere that feels empty or isolated. It is a sterile color that can create feelings of disinterest and detachment. White may offer little stimulations so it is common to use accents, curtains, artwork and photographs to bring energy to a space. White represents mourning and death in different cultures. Death often means the end of one life and the starting of a new path. It can signify moving forward. In color psychology, white is a vital part of new beginnings. This color may indicate a life cycle completion. Wearing white may lead to having a desire to move forward in a new life direction. This may translate to moving locations, planning a faraway vacation, choosing a new relationship, or exploring a new career. White is often used to remember innocence and youth. It reminds us of a time when life was less complicated and easier. White is popular for dental surgeries and dentists. It is common for doctor’s rooms and places where cleanliness is expected. It can breed feelings of sterility by being too clinical. Some people may feel that a doctor or health professional is unable to relate to them on a personal or emotional level. See how you feel in white clothing and surroundings. This can help you decide if you prefer to add jewellery, accents, or additional colors into the mix.

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