PRO Garage

One of the issues we consistently hear about from our PRO members is they are always short on space to store their materials, equipment, and tools. The PRO Garage enables painters to safely store their unopened paints and stains along with large ladders and sprayers. Rent, utilities, and property maintenance costs have never been higher, however, the pooled approach to storage amongst our membership enables everyone to benefit without the full cost. The Garage is used as needed and requires no long-term commitment.

So, how does it work?

PRO members' items are brought to the Garage and checked-in by one of our team members. Products such as paints and stains are billed on a weekly basis per the rate schedule below, and can be charged to the credit card on file. Equipment and ladders are billed on a monthly basis and can be checked in and out as much as the member wants for one flat rate per item. In addition to the product and equipment storage, a multi-purpose room is also available for daily or weekly rentals as needed.

Storage Description Rate
Quarts / Gallons $0.25 / Day
Pails $0.50 / Day
Full Skid (90 - 120 gallons) >$100 / Month
Sprayers / Ladders $25 / Month
Multi-Purpose Room $75 / Day
Multi-Purpose Room $250 / Week

To take advantage of the PRO Garage, contact us or speak with your PRO Specialist anytime for more information.