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Benjamin Moore Black Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. The color black is technically a shade. It has a reputation for being mysterious and ominous, secretive and hidden. Black also relates to the unknown. In definitions regarding the psychology of colors, black is thought to deliver protection from emotional stress by creating a barrier or acting as a shield. Black can protect feelings and emotions. It may be worn to help people hide their vulnerabilities or lack of self-confidence. Some prefer to mask insecurities by wearing black. Black absorbs all other colors. It results in darkness from an absence of light. It is the opposite of white. Black is excellent for covering up other colors and hiding things. Conversely, white is known for uncovering and bringing things to light. Black can be used in clothing or paint or makeup to enable people to hide from their surroundings. It is known as a slimming color and may minimize the appearance of weight. Some individuals choose to wear it to hide their insecurities, feelings and fears. Black represents control and power in color psychology. Some feel it is used for hanging onto items instead of freely sharing with others. It has a reputation for being unfriendly, dark and intimidating. Some find its power unapproachable. Others appreciate how well it can showcase practically any other color. Due to its intimidating nature, black may prevent two-way information. While it may create an air of authority, some feel it simultaneously creates fear. On a positive note, it can be seen to represent discipline, self-control and independence. Thought to absorb negative vibes, black offers a layer of protection. It is helpful to carry something black such as a black gemstone or rock when one is travelling or participating in activities away from their house. There are many different kinds of people who like black. They may be serious, dignified, conservative, sophisticated or, conventional. It has an air of formality about it; hence the “black tie event dress code,” and the “little black dress” popularity. Successfully driven women often choose the color black. It can deliver impressions of confidence, elegance and sophistication. Seductive temptress-like lingerie is quite popular, creating an intriguing and mysterious vibe. It may be viewed as being submissive to another person. For example, a priest may wear black robes as a submission to God. While it may represent death and the end to some, it must be remembered that the end of anything creates a new beginning. When the light enters, black turns to white. White is the shade of new things and a fresh start.

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