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Benjamin Moore Blue Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Blue is a color representing loyalty, responsibility, honesty and trust. It is showcased calmly and quietly, in a reserved and sincere manner. Blue doesn’t like confrontation or creating a scene. It enjoys doing things according to its own method. Blue represents responsibility and reliability from a color psychology standpoint. It exhibits confidence and inner security. Reliability, direction and order around work and living spaces can be showcased with the color blue. It promotes mental and physical relaxation. People often paint with blue to create tranquility and peace. If you are in difficult times, blue energy can help you take control and find direction. It brings a sense of order to chaos, calm and peace to those who surround themselves with it. Think of how you feel if you are lying outside on the grass and staring up at the bright blue sky. Blue comes in a million different hues. It is thought the paler the shade, the more freedom it brings. Blue is popular for interior and exterior paint applications. In the meaning of color theories, blue represents one-to-one communication, particularly vocal. Blue is the color of the throat chakra. It showcases verbal self-expression and speaking the truth. Blue is the public speaker and the teacher, the communicator. The color blue is said to slow down the metabolism. It is thought to be a conduit for communicating our wants and needs. It enhances self-expression, idealism and inspires us to attain better ideals. From a spiritual perspective, blue represents the color of religious study, devotion and spirit. It brings wisdom from a spiritual perspective and higher intelligence. Blue may enhance prayer and contemplation. However, spirituality aside, blue can help one become more devoted to any concept they believe in. Blue is considered to be the giver as opposed to the taker. It can rescue or help a friend in need. It stands by building trusting relationships that are full of strength. Conversely, if the definitions of trust are betrayed, it can become extremely hurt. Considered a non-threatening and safe color, blue is popular in baby nurseries and home interiors. It is felt to be a predictable and conservative color. Blue additionally represents determination and success with all endeavors. Change is tough for blue. When presented with a different or new idea, it is inflexible. While it analyzes and considers different trains of thought, it has to think them over and then try to make these new ideas fit into its own unique version of reality. Blue is a color of nostalgia. It is a shade that thrives in the past. All present and future experiences are related to the past.

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