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Benjamin Moore Gray Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Gray is considered to be an impartial color. One without emotion that falls into the neutral category. Some consider it detached and indecisive. It offers cool neutrality that can be a welcome option between traditional beige tones. In color psychology circles, gray represents a compromise. It is a transition between black and white, two popular shades. The darker gray comes to black, the more mysterious and dramatic it turns. Conversely, the lighter, silver shades that it transforms into closer to silver, become more illuminating and bright. Gray is considered to be suspended between emotions. It is felt to be stable and motionless. This color is commonly used to achieve a relaxing and composed state, free from the worldly chaos that comes into the world. It is reserved, quiet and subdued. Free from being stimulating, rejuvenating or, energizing, it has become one of the most popular colors for interior and exterior applications. Color theory denotes gray as being depressing, drab, conservative and boring. However, it can transform into glamorous silver shades. Gray offers conformity, dependability and practicality. It offers a distinguished and respected air, similar to the way gray hair often represents wisdom and maturity. Gray commands respect and brings recognition without trying to be the center of attention. Some may consider that gray can depress and stifle energy. However, it may also offer a stable base for positivity to thrive. When combined with other colors, gray produces a steadying combination. It is capable of illuminating lighter shades and is capable of toning down brighter colors it comes into contact with. Gray can be achieved by combining white and black. It can also be created by mixing other colors including yellow, mauve, green, pink and blue. Certain shades of gray have a variety of undertones. Surrounding yourself with the color gray can create depression and sadness. It may contribute to isolation and loneliness. Additional colors can be added to address this via adding some pops of color with accents, artwork and similar items. A traditional gray suit showcases formality, reliability and a conservative appearance. It can easily be paired with a myriad of colors or matched with other gray tones to achieve a monochromatic look. Gray is a diverse shade. It is a popular color for interior spaces and external buildings. In clothing, it is considered to be as neutral as black, navy, tan and white. Having some gray items in your wardrobe offers easy diversity.

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