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Benjamin Moore Green Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Green represents the color of nature and vibrant energy. It is associated with life, growth, freshness, and fertility. Harmony and the environment are other strong components. Green is associated with Wall Street and money, banking and finances. It encompasses the realm of jealousy and greed. The healing nature of green has been called upon since the beginning of time. It is a relaxing and restful shade. Green can help enhance endurance, stability and vision. As a dominant force in nature, green stands for natural things and even global movements. The color green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. It is a popular choice for interior design and photography backdrops. The color green is associated with hope, growth and renewal. The term “Greenhorn,” relates to someone who has a lack of experience and a need for growth. Green signifies rebirth and spring. It speaks for the new plants emerging from the earth and fresh life after the winter season. Colors can affect us in a variety of ways both mentally and physically. Green is youthful and soothing. It is often worn with a sense of hope and to alleviate anxiety, nervousness and depression. Green stands for health, compassion, adventure and self-control. The color green indicates safety and the use of medicinal items, sometimes advertising drugs. Promoting “green” products helps to protect the planet. Green labelled items are supposed to be natural and peaceful for the planet. It is always essential to read labels and do research before promoting green items as misleading marketing is rampant in all industries. Green has a variety of meanings in different cultures. It is associated with good luck and is Ireland’s national color. Clovers, Saint Patrick’s Day and leprechauns are part of the green culture. Islam has strong ties to the color green as well. In color psychology, green can cause people to become depressed, placid, moody, lethargic and slow if too much is used. Conversely, if too little of this color is around, people may report fear of rejection and apathy. Green gemstones are utilized to promote growth or change. They can help one feel optimistic, balanced and calm. Green can help break the emotional demands of other people. There are many shades of green to be found. Different tints and hues have various meanings. Dark green represents wealth, ambition and greed. Olive green traditionally stands for peace. Yellow-green shades stand for cowardice, jealousy and sickness. Green is also the color of the heart chakra.

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