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Benjamin Moore Pink Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. The color pink is famous for love, nurturing and compassion. It signifies understanding, receiving and giving nurturing and loving behaviours. Pink is born from combining white with red. Pink contains red’s need for actionability to achieve success potential while white brings insight to the table. The power and passion of red softened with the complete openness and purity of white blends harmoniously together. The darker the shade of pink, the more energy and passion it exhibits. Pink is a hallmark for all things romantic and feminine. It is caring, intimate, thoughtful and affectionate. Pink calms down red’s passion and delivers a more loving and gentle energy. Pink delivers insight and intuition. It offers kindness and sensitivity, along with empathy and tenderness. Pink signals hope in the color psychology arena. It is a charming, warm shade that breeds feelings of comfort and positivity while delivering a sense that everything will be fine. Pink reassures our emotional energies and delivers a peaceful calm. It delivers us from aggression, anger, neglect, abandonment and resentment. Those who surround themselves with large amounts of the color pink enjoy a calming effect on their nerves. It can even lead to some people feeling physically weak. Aggressive and violent prisoners have been placed in a pink room for a certain time to successfully calm them down. However, exposure for too long can generate the opposite! Pink colors put individuals in touch with the nurturing portion of themselves. It can support both the need to give and the need to receive tender love and care. If you know someone who constantly wears pink, this may generate a need for unconditional love, support and acceptance. Pink seeks admiration, respect and appreciation as a non-threatening color. It does not enjoy being taken for granted. Pink adores hearing the words “thank you!.” The term ‘everything’s rosy,’ signifies success and ‘being in the pink,” speaks to being in good health. Pink represents innocence and sweetness and the inner child in everyone. It is the color of naivete, inexperience and uncomplicated emotions. Constantly relying on pink exclusively can lead to girlish, silly and goofy behaviour. It can be tempting to ignore the responsibilities that come with being an adult. Pink can remind you of early memories from childhood. It resonates with comfort and nurturing from a mother figure or your Mom. From a negative color psychology perspective, pink can represent a lack of self-reliance, lack of willpower and lack of self-worth. It may dictate an overly cautious nature or indicate being emotional. Mixing pink with other dark colors including dark green, gray, black or dark blue can add sophistication and strength to pink.

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