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Benjamin Moore Yellow Paint is sold at Atlantic Paint in Langley. Yellow is a color associated with acquired knowledge. It is the shade of the spectrum that resonates with our mental faculties and the logic or left side of our brain. It creates perception and mental agility. As the lightest color on the color spectrum, this color represents hope, fun, illumination, cheerfulness and happiness. Yellow is thought to inspire inquisitiveness and original thought. Yellow is the shade of new ideas. It thrives from a creative mental aspect. Yellow helps us to find new ways of completing tasks and solving problems. Yellow is not the dreamer, it represents the practical thinker. Yellow is an ideal color for awakening optimism and confidence. It is the best shade for bringing more enthusiasm to our lives. Yellow is up for a challenge, specifically a mental one. The color psychology for yellow further means excellent communication. Individuals who are drawn to yellow often love to talk and communicate. This is a perfect journalist or networking color. Yellow commonly describes communication and working together on a mental plane. Yellow is the scientists’ shade. It is for those who prefer to analyze and view all sides before decision making. Yellow is decisive and methodical. Yellow is the clown, the entertainer and the stand-up comedian. If you need help with clarity or decision making, generating ideas and creative thinking, yellow is your color. While it can be an impulsive shade, it can also help us recall information, study and focus. Yellow is ideal for exam time during school or on test days. Watch for agitation as yellow may cause anxiety due to its fast-moving nature. Some people feel agitated when around yellow. This color can help with critical thinking and make you more mentally analytical. This can translate to being more critical of others and being self-critical. Yellow tends to come from the head and mental faculties as opposed to the emotional heart. Therefore, this color falls into the non-emotional category. Yellow prefers to depend on itself and be distanced as opposed to emotionally involved. Yellow is related to our sense of self-worth. It is related to the ego and how we are perceived by others and how we feel about ourselves. This is the most highly visible in the color spectrum. This is why it is the main choice for pedestrian crossings. Next time you are out, look at the white pedestrian crossings…you will notice they are much trickier to see; particularly in the snow and on cloudy or rainy days. Individuals who are undergoing a ton of changes in their life may find they can’t stand the color yellow. This will generally pass as time goes on. Typically, it represents a difficulty in coping with all of the changes happening at the moment. The color of yellow vibrates extremely quickly. This can leave some people feeling stressed. If this resonates with you, try introducing soft orange or green into your life to facilitate harmony and balance. These added shades can help restore your energies. Similarly, many elderly people don’t like yellow in large amounts as it vibrates too fast for their comfort level.

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